Altrixium - The most populare coins.

The list of top crypto-currencies and tokens by name.

Coin Name Symbol Chain Purpose Launch
 Cashaa Cashaa (CAS) Cashaa CAS BSC Cashaa claims to be the largest crypto-friendly neo-bank based in the UK, providing services to hund ... 20 Feb 2021
Absorber Absorber (ABS) Absorber ABS BSC A protocol with ever increasing floor contract-owned liquidity, passive and active yield farming tha ... 27 Jan 2021
ADO.Network ADO.Network (ADO) ADO.Network ADO BSC Ado ... 27 Aug 2022
Adshares Adshares (ADS) Adshares ADS BSC Adshares is a Web3 protocol for monetization space in the Metaverse ... 3 May 2021
Affinity Affinity (AFNTY) Affinity AFNTY BSC 10 Sep 2022
Afrep Afrep (AFREP) Afrep AFREP BSC Afrep represents a bespoke digital asset that is exclusive and defines the next frontier of cryptocu ... 6 Jul 2022
Aidi Finance Aidi Finance (AIDI) Aidi Finance AIDI BSC Aidi Finance is a complete ecosystem of cryptoassets and utilities ... 17 Aug 2021
Alchemy Alchemy (ACH) Alchemy ACH BSC 19 Jan 2022
ALLIUM ALLIUM (ALM) ALLIUM ALM BSC We are building a community of moon token enthusiasts ... 28 Apr 2021
Alpha Genesis Alpha Genesis (AGEN) Alpha Genesis AGEN BSC Alpha Genesis (AGEN) has formed a collaboration with the team from Alpha Ape LLC ... 1 Jun 2022
ALYATTES ALYATTES (ALYA) ALYATTES ALYA BSC The Alyattes project is a unified project consisting of 6 different major platforms ... 9 Dec 2021
American Shiba American Shiba (USHIBA) American Shiba USHIBA BSC 27 Mar 2022
Anji Anji (ANJI) Anji ANJI BSC A decentralized ecosystem with a rewards system that keeps giving ... 28 Oct 2021
AnonyDoxx AnonyDoxx (ADXX) AnonyDoxx ADXX BSC AnonyDoxx privately and securely verifies the identities of investors, developers, and other experts ... 18 Feb 2022
ApeFund ApeFund (APEFUND) ApeFund APEFUND BSC 12 Nov 2021
ApeJet ApeJet (JET) ApeJet JET BSC APEJET Is The Next Blockchain Gaming Spot Blockchain Gaming is transforming and more games are bein ... 23 Apr 2022
APENFT APENFT (NFT) APENFT NFT BSC APENFT Fund was born with the mission to register world-class artworks as NFTs on-chain ... 15 Feb 2022
APEx Army APEx Army (APEX) APEx Army APEX BSC APEx is a community-oriented token to help to save endangered species of apes ... 31 May 2021
Apple Apple (AMB) Apple AMB BSC The pioneer in combining #AutoStaking and #Gamefi ... 9 Apr 2022
Armada Armada (ARMD) Armada ARMD BSC Armada (ARMD) is the first cryptocurrency with depreciating fees unique to the investor ... 3 Sep 2021
ASSARA ASSARA (ASSA) ASSARA ASSA BSC ASSA token launched for participating in ASSARA Blockchain Lottery- a decentralized platform based o ... 26 Dec 2021
AstroDonkey AstroDonkey (DNKY) AstroDonkey DNKY BSC What is AstroDonkey? Experts advise to invest in strong Development teams ... 28 Oct 2021
Astronos Astronos (ASTRO) Astronos ASTRO BSC Astronos is a #DeFi ecosystem that rewards holders in #BUSD to give a real time hedge against market ... 2 Feb 2022
Atlantis Atlantis (ATLS) Atlantis ATLS BSC Utilizing an innovative elastic supply protocol, Atlantis makes it workable for token circulation to ... 4 Mar 2022
Aurox Token Aurox Token (URUS) Aurox Token URUS BSC What is Urus? Urus is a De-Fi token powering Aurox, a unique crypto trading terminal used by thou ... 13 Feb 2022
AvaxUp AvaxUp (AvaxUp) AvaxUp AvaxUp BSC AvaxUP, the first automatic rebasing token that is programmed to keep the chart constantly in a uptr ... 18 Nov 2021
AZ World AZ World (AZW) AZ World AZW BSC AZ World is a 3 ... 16 Apr 2022
Baby Doge Inu Baby Doge Inu ($BABYDOGEINU) Baby Doge Inu $BABYDOGEINU BSC Baby Doge Inu ($BABYDOGEINU) is a deflationary token with high holder rewards on Binance Smart Chain ... 7 Jul 2021
Baby Doug Baby Doug (BabyDoug) Baby Doug BabyDoug BSC Baby Doug is a community-driven project with exciting viral features ... 29 Jul 2021
Baby Floki Inu Baby Floki Inu (BFLOKI) Baby Floki Inu BFLOKI BSC Baby Floki Inu, the original Floki Inu coin on BSC is aiming to be the biggest community-driven doge ... 25 Jun 2021
Baby Kishu Baby Kishu (BabyKishu) Baby Kishu BabyKishu BSC Baby kishu has learned a few tricks and lessons from his meme father, kishu inu ... 15 Jun 2021
Baby Loop Baby Loop (BLOOP) Baby Loop BLOOP BSC We are the fastest growing rewards token on BSC providing 3% auto LOOP Network rewards to our holder ... 24 Jun 2022
Baby Soulja Boy Baby Soulja Boy (DRACO) Baby Soulja Boy DRACO BSC Getting non-fungible tokens for free is now possible with Baby Soulja Boy project ... 5 Sep 2021
BabyApeFunClub BabyApeFunClub (BAFC) BabyApeFunClub BAFC BSC BabyApeFunClub is designed to create a complex ecosystem in which DeFi, Metaverse & Real World are i ... 8 Sep 2022
BabyDogeZilla BabyDogeZilla (BDZ) BabyDogeZilla BDZ BSC BabyDogeZilla is a low tax, deflationary meme-token with simple tokenomics designed to reward the ho ... 26 Apr 2022
Babylonia Token Babylonia Token (BABY) Babylonia Token BABY BSC Babylonia is A Cross-Chain platform for DeFi, NFT market, gaming & gambling and media solutions ... 6 Jun 2022
BabyShibbyInu BabyShibbyInu (BABYSHIB) BabyShibbyInu BABYSHIB BSC BabyShibby Inu ($BABYSHIB) is a hyper deflationary token & whilst also incorporating the auto buybac ... 10 Jul 2021
BankSocial BankSocial (BSL) BankSocial BSL BSC BankSocial™ is a first-of-its-kind Decentralized Financed (“DeFi”) peer-to-peer lending platfo ... 22 Sep 2021
BattleInfinity BattleInfinity (IBAT) BattleInfinity IBAT BSC Battle Infinity is a gaming platform made up of multiple P2E (Play-to-earn) battle games ... 11 Jul 2022
Bedrock Bedrock (ROCK) Bedrock ROCK BSC Bedrock is a Decentralized Finance Experiment designed to facilitate funding of Peer to Peer experim ... 9 Aug 2021
BeFaster Holder Token BeFaster Holder Token (BFHT) BeFaster Holder Token BFHT BSC BeFaster ... 29 Dec 2021
BeGlobalDAO BeGlobalDAO (GLBD) BeGlobalDAO GLBD BSC BeGlobalDAO is a protocol owned liquidity type which specializes in giving the extra mile to its use ... 8 Jan 2022
BEP20 LEO BEP20 LEO (bLEO) BEP20 LEO bLEO BSC LeoFinance is a social media community that distributes LEO/wLEO/bLEO to authors and curators as tok ... 28 Feb 2021
BerylBit BerylBit (BRB) BerylBit BRB BSC "Berylbit is working on developing a Layer 1 blockchain, it will be using the PoW mechanism ... 7 Dec 2021
BETCOIN BETCOIN (BET) BETCOIN BET BSC Betcoin is not only crypto’s first sports betting fund but the first publicly owned sports betting ... 7 Sep 2022
Betterment digital Betterment digital (BEMD) Betterment digital BEMD BSC Betterment Digital(BEMD) is a decentralized platform exchange built on Binance Smart Chain network t ... 25 Jun 2022
BFK WARZONE BFK WARZONE (BFK) BFK WARZONE BFK BSC $BFK is presenting a simple yet specialized gaming ecosystem in which our native token will be used ... 14 Oct 2022
Bidz Coin Bidz Coin (BIDZ) Bidz Coin BIDZ BSC BIDZ Coin has a unique approach to the online commerce and real-world applications ... 19 Dec 2021
BigONE Token BigONE Token (ONE) BigONE Token ONE BSC “ONE” is BigONE’s new platform token, issued at total number of 20 billion, and will be locked ... 8 Apr 2021
Binance-Peg BSC-HO Binance-Peg BSC-HO (BSC-HO) Binance-Peg BSC-HO BSC-HO BSC HALO NETWORK provides one stop integration of DeFi application level with decentralized, energy effi ... 25 Jun 2021
BirdChain BirdChain (BIRD) BirdChain BIRD BSC Birdchain is a decentralized instant messaging application ... 31 Mar 2021
BitcoMine BitcoMine (BME) BitcoMine BME BSC We are delighted to be the first project which adopts the fully automated multi rewarding mechanisms ... 15 Aug 2021
Bitpaid Bitpaid (BTP) Bitpaid BTP BSC Bitpaid permits any business to safely and cost-adequately Send, Receive, Store, Convert and Accept ... 20 Jan 2022
BitValley BitValley (BitV) BitValley BitV BSC What is Bitvalley? The Bitvalley idea is to be the biggest ecosystem in Crypto ... 3 Jan 2022
Black Whale Token Black Whale Token (BLK) Black Whale Token BLK BSC BLK WHALE / DeFi Digital Asset Management Protocol ... 31 Aug 2021
BlockApeScissors BlockApeScissors (BAS) BlockApeScissors BAS BSC Block Ape Scissors is a Blockchain Game Studio & Service Provider ... 24 Jun 2021
BlockAura BEP BlockAura BEP (TBAC) BlockAura BEP TBAC BSC BlockAura is a high-throughput blockchain that will support 450–500k transactions per second, with ... 19 Sep 2021
BlockBlend BlockBlend (BBL) BlockBlend BBL BSC What is BlockBlend ? BlockBlend is a Full-Suite Decentralized & Cross-Chain Services - Anonymous cr ... 24 Mar 2022
BlockSAFU BlockSAFU (BSAFU) BlockSAFU BSAFU BSC BlockSAFU is an audit project in partnership with PinkSale ... 25 Mar 2022
BlowUP BlowUP ($BLOW) BlowUP $BLOW BSC Blow up is here to blow you up! BlowUP is the first rebase token to include USDT as a rewards Ho ... 9 Oct 2021
BNB48 Club Token BNB48 Club Token (KOGE) BNB48 Club Token KOGE BSC Koge is a token minted and issued by BNB48 Club® ... 20 Sep 2020
BNBGlobal V2 BNBGlobal V2 (BNBG) BNBGlobal V2 BNBG BSC BNBGlobal is a deflationary low tax token with 3% BNBGlobal reflections, so the amount of tokens you ... 28 Dec 2021
Bo Coin Bo Coin (Boc) Bo Coin Boc BSC We are developing electronic cards for the convenience of providing all payment services with digita ... 9 Apr 2022
Bogged Finance Bogged Finance (BOG) Bogged Finance BOG BSC Deployable Smart Contracting Oracles with contract execution functionality powered by the Binance Sm ... 2 Mar 2021
BOJI BOJI (BOJI) BOJI BOJI BSC BOJI Token was created on 3rd April 2022 with a powerful community which is all open communication f ... 2 Apr 2022
BongWeedCoin BongWeedCoin (BWC) BongWeedCoin BWC BSC Catered for those who are looking to make yields, from cannabis users who wish to puff, puff, pass t ... 20 May 2021
Boss Token Boss Token (BOSS) Boss Token BOSS BSC The Boss Token is a community driven & DeFi cryptocurrency looking to become the boss of all dogcoin ... 21 Aug 2021
BotopiaFinance BotopiaFinance (BTOP) BotopiaFinance BTOP BSC Botopia is an AI-based automated platform ... 21 Dec 2021
Boulpik Token Boulpik Token (BOULPIK) Boulpik Token BOULPIK BSC BOULPIK Token is a fundamentally backed utility token that decentralized educational trading, financ ... 7 Jun 2022
Bovine Verse Token (BVT) Bovine Verse Token BVT BSC BovineVerse is a new Fi+ metaverse platform under Web 3 ... 3 Aug 2022
BoxerDoge BoxerDoge (BoxerDoge) BoxerDoge BoxerDoge BSC BoxerDoge is a BEP-20 token with Auto Boost, RFI, and Hyper Deflationary Features ... 3 Aug 2021
Brewlabs Brewlabs (BREWLABS) Brewlabs BREWLABS BSC Brewlabs is one of the truest utility projects in the space today and is building and offering produ ... 17 Dec 2021
Bridge$ Bridge$ (BRG.X) Bridge$ BRG.X BSC Our mission is to deliver the DeFi space and its opportunities to everyone in a safe, innovative, an ... 10 Nov 2021
bscShiba bscShiba (bShiba) bscShiba bShiba BSC bShiba incorporates a passive yield mechanic where 5% of each transaction is distributed to holders ... 20 Apr 2021
BSCX BSCX (BSCX) BSCX BSCX BSC "BSCex’s mission is to make Binance’s off-chain services available on the blockchain, develop th ... 20 Dec 2020
BSerey Token BSerey Token (BSEREY) BSerey Token BSEREY BSC "Serey is a next generation blockchain-based social media platform with an ecosystem of frontier dec ... 3 Nov 2021
Bullet Bullet (BLT) Bullet BLT BSC Our team has developed a multi-chain trading platform with unrivaled features that will level the pl ... 25 May 2022
BUSDX BUSDX (BUSDX) BUSDX BUSDX BSC BUSDX is a staking and rewards token that was created on the Binance Smart Chain, with a mechanism t ... 24 Sep 2021
BuyMainStreet BuyMainStreet ($MAINST) BuyMainStreet $MAINST BSC A community oriented, news/media outlet that connects real investors with real projects ... 27 Jun 2021
Bxmi Bxmi (Bxmi) Bxmi Bxmi BSC BXMI is a utility token for the cryptocurrency exchange BitXmi, a centralized digital asset exchange ... 6 Mar 2022
CareCoin CareCoin (CARES) CareCoin CARES BSC CareCoin is the currency for donations to various humanitarian and socio-economic causes. 5 Mar 2022
Cargolink Cargolink (CLX) Cargolink CLX BSC CARGOLINK is a nique Hybrid NFT marketplace made only for real-world artists/collectors and free of ... 13 Jan 2022 (CASHIO) CASHIO BSC Cashio token is a new Revolutionary Token on the Binance smart chain ecosystem with a unique Use-cas ... 29 Aug 2021
CATCOIN CATCOIN (CATCOIN) CATCOIN CATCOIN BSC CATCOIN(CAT) is the only project that is build for community and will be managed by DAO ... 28 Mar 2022
CBET CBET (CBET) CBET CBET BSC "CBET is a community-run BEP-20 token usable on the crypto gaming platform Cbet ... 8 Jul 2021
Centaurify Centaurify (CENT) Centaurify CENT BSC Revolutionizing the ticketing-market by tokenizing tickets with NFT & Smart-contract technology ... 29 Dec 2021
Centcex Centcex (CENX) Centcex CENX BSC Centcex is that trusted gateway for blockchain and the emerging decentralized economy, by providing ... 18 Nov 2021
ChainEstateTokenV2 ChainEstateTokenV2 (CHES) ChainEstateTokenV2 CHES BSC Chain Estate DAO combines real word assets with the cryptocurrency world ... 20 Apr 2022
Charlie Finance Charlie Finance (CHT) Charlie Finance CHT BSC 17 Jan 2022
Chiba Inu Chiba Inu (Chiba) Chiba Inu Chiba BSC CHIBA INU ($CHIBA) We wanted to build a token, that no one can say is unsafe for investors ... 26 Dec 2021
Chihiro Inu Chihiro Inu (CHIRO) Chihiro Inu CHIRO BSC To develop a token that add value to holders in decentralised nance space, and trusted ... 1 Nov 2021
Chihuahua Chihuahua (CHH) Chihuahua CHH BSC A new cryptocurrency was born by fans of the Chihuahua meme community ... 1 Aug 2022
Christmas BNB Christmas BNB (XMASBNB) Christmas BNB XMASBNB BSC Christmas BNB (XMASBNB) Join the biggest Christmas Token to launch on the BSC, and enjoy the holiday ... 25 Nov 2021
Chronicle [via] Chronicle [via] (XNL) Chronicle [via] XNL BSC A platform for officially licensed digital collectables and NFTs 28 Oct 2021
ChronoTech Token ChronoTech Token (TIME) ChronoTech Token TIME BSC What is Chronotech? Chrono ... 8 Jun 2021
ChubbyAkita ChubbyAkita (CAKITA) ChubbyAkita CAKITA BSC Chubby Akita $CAKITA is a fair deflationary decentralized community experiment ... 15 May 2021
Cinogames Cinogames (CINO) Cinogames CINO BSC Cino Games is a platform that allows users to provide liquidity for casino games in order to reap th ... 29 Jan 2022
Circuits of Value V2 Circuits of Value V2 (COVAL) Circuits of Value V2 COVAL BSC Emblem Vault is the NFT platform that enables cross-chain transfers of any digital asset ... 8 Mar 2021
CityStates CityStates (CSM) CityStates CSM BSC CityStates will be a strategy, city building and resource management MMO where all in-game assets (l ... 14 Jul 2021
Clear Water Clear Water ($CLEAR) Clear Water $CLEAR BSC Clear Water is not your standard cryptocurrency ... 24 Jan 2022