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Rank Coin Name Symbol Chain Purpose Launch Votes
1 SafeMoon SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) SafeMoon SAFEMOON BSC SafeMoon - Auto-generating liquidity protocol / Static farming ... 1 Mar 2021 2
2 EverEarn EverEarn (EARN) EverEarn EARN BSC EverEarn ($EARN) is a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency token, on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), tha ... 27 Jan 2022 2
3 MiniDOGE MiniDOGE (MiniDOGE) MiniDOGE MiniDOGE BSC MiniDoge is a hyper deflationary token through the use of Autoboost ... 2 Jul 2021 2
4 LOFCrypto LOFCrypto (LOF) LOFCrypto LOF BSC The adult token that empowers content creators and helps tackle human trafficking 17 Jan 2022 1
5 Healthify Healthify (HTF) Healthify HTF BSC "Healthify is a pioneering Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token that will let you face a variety of exci ... 22 Dec 2021 1
6 MagicCraft MagicCraft (MCRT) MagicCraft MCRT BSC In the Magic Craft metaverse there are powerful Castles built by the Elders ... 10 Dec 2021 0
7 FLOKI FLOKI (FLOKI) FLOKI FLOKI BSC FLOKI is the utility token of the Floki Ecosystem ... 21 Jan 2022 0
8 DEEPSPACE DEEPSPACE (DPS) DEEPSPACE DPS BSC DEEPSPACE is a Play-to-Earn space multiverse exploration strategy game Earn passive income from hol ... 2 Aug 2021 0
9 NFTL Token NFTL Token (NFTL) NFTL Token NFTL BSC NFT Fantasy League 10 Apr 2021 0
10 DoYourTip DoYourTip (DYT) DoYourTip DYT BSC 20 Apr 2021 0
11 Chronicle [via] Chronicle [via] (XNL) Chronicle [via] XNL BSC A platform for officially licensed digital collectables and NFTs 28 Oct 2021 0
12 Circuits of Value V2 Circuits of Value V2 (COVAL) Circuits of Value V2 COVAL BSC Emblem Vault is the NFT platform that enables cross-chain transfers of any digital asset ... 8 Mar 2021 0
13 Pet Token Pet Token (PET) Pet Token PET BSC "Battle Pets" is a blockchain game about adorable pets running on Binance Smart Chain ... 17 Oct 2020 0